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The house met at 10 a.m. and was called to order by the speaker.

The roll of the house was called and a quorum was announced present (Record 4).

Present - Mr. Speaker; Allen; Averitt; Bailey; Berman; Bonnen; Bosse; Brimer; Brown, B.; Brown, F.; Burnam; Callegari; Capelo; Carter; Chavez; Chisum; Christian; Clark; Coleman; Cook; Corte; Counts; Crabb; Craddick; Crownover; Danburg; Davis, J.; Davis, Y.; Delisi; Denny; Deshotel; Driver; Dukes; Dunnam; Dutton; Edwards; Ehrhardt; Eiland; Elkins; Ellis; Farabee; Farrar; Flores; Gallego; Garcia; George; Geren; Giddings; Glaze; Goodman; Goolsby; Gray; Green; Grusendorf; Gutierrez; Haggerty; Hamric; Hardcastle; Hartnett; Hawley; Heflin; Hilbert; Hilderbran; Hill; Hinojosa; Hochberg; Hodge; Homer; Hope; Hopson; Hunter; Hupp; Isett; Janek; Jones, D.; Jones, E.; Jones, J.; Junell; Keel; Keffer; King, P.; King, T.; Kitchen; Kolkhorst; Krusee; Kuempel; Lewis, G.; Lewis, R.; Longoria; Luna; Madden; Marchant; Martinez Fischer; Maxey; McCall; McClendon; McReynolds; Menendez; Merritt; Miller; Moreno, J.; Moreno, P.; Morrison; Mowery; Naishtat; Najera; Nixon; Noriega; Oliveira; Olivo; Pickett; Pitts; Puente; Ramsay; Rangel; Reyna, A.; Reyna, E.; Ritter; Sadler; Salinas; Seaman; Shields; Smith; Smithee; Solis; Solomons; Swinford; Talton; Telford; Thompson; Tillery; Truitt; Turner, B.; Turner, S.; Uresti; Villarreal; Walker; West; Williams; Wilson; Wise; Wohlgemuth; Wolens; Woolley; Yarbrough; Zbranek.

Absent, Excused - Alexander; Uher.

Absent - Howard.

The invocation was offered by Dr. Ernest Easley, pastor, First Baptist Church of Odessa, as follows:

Lord, I want to thank you for every elected official now serving the great State of Texas. Thank you for our new governor. Give him wisdom and strength to fulfill the responsibilities of his office.

Thank you for our newly elected president of the United States of America. Bless him with an abundance of wisdom as he models integrity and honesty before the world. Give him the skills necessary to be a great world leader.

And for the men and women in this building, I thank you for them. Thank you for their desire to make a difference in our state. Thank you for their commitment to protect and defend every citizen of Texas.

We thank you for your many blessings throughout the years and we look to you for guidance in our personal and public lives. Now we ask that you bless our speaker of the house as he leads this session. I ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen.


The following member was granted leave of absence for today because of important business:

Uher on motion of Pitts.

The following member was granted leave of absence for today because of important business in the district:

Alexander on motion of Junell.


The speaker recognized Representative McCall who presented Dr. Raymond H. Smith of Fredericksburg as the "Doctor for the Day."

The house welcomed Dr. Smith and thanked him for his participation in the Physician of the Day Program sponsored by the Texas Academy of Family Physicians.


(by Goolsby)

Representative Goolsby moved to suspend all necessary rules to take up and consider at this time HCR 1.

The motion prevailed without objection.

The following resolution was laid before the house:


WHEREAS, Section 17, Article III, Texas Constitution, provides that neither house of the legislature may adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the other house; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the 77th Legislature of the State of Texas, That each house grant the other permission to adjourn for more than three days during the period beginning on Wednesday, January 17, 2001, and ending on Monday, January 22, 2001.

HCR 1 was adopted without objection.


The following member was granted leave of absence for the remainder of today because of illness in the family:

Craddick on motion of Keel.


(by McClendon)

Representative McClendon moved to suspend all necessary rules to take up and consider at this time HR 58.

The motion prevailed without objection.

The following resolution was laid before the house:

HR 58, Honoring the charter inductees of the Texas Science Hall of Fame.

HR 58 was read and was adopted without objection.


The speaker recognized Representative McClendon, who introduced members of the Texas Science Hall of Fame. The charter members of the Texas Science Hall of Fame were introduced as follows:

Dr. Manuel Berriozabal of San Antonio, founder and director of the San Antonio Prefreshman Engineering Program, which identifies high-achieving middle and high school students from the San Antonio area who have an interest in careers in engineering, science technology, or math.

Retired Air Force Colonel John Blaha of San Antonio, logged 161 days in space, served as spacecraft commander on two shuttle missions, pilot on two shuttle missions, mission specialist on two shuttle missions, and spent four months aboard the Russian space station Mir.

Captain Eugene A. Cernan of Webster, commander of Apollo 17, the last and longest lunar mission, which covered a record 30 kilometers of the lunar surface and returned over 220 pounds of lunar material to the earth, also a record.

Dr. Jack Christie of Houston, former chair of the State Board of Education and instrumental in the effort to raise science standards in Texas.

Dr. Robert T. Curl of Houston, Nobel laureate in chemistry, received the award in 1996 for the discovery of fullerenes, a form of carbon useful in producing highly effective lubricants and superconducting materials.

Dr. William Davis of San Antonio, chair of the St. Phillips College chemistry department, conducted food research that led to such breakthroughs as instant mashed potatoes and wood-sugar based glues.

Charles Duke, Jr., of New Braunfels, lunar module pilot of Apollo 16, the fifth manned lunar landing mission, which was the first scientific expedition to inspect, survey, and sample materials and surface features in the Descartes region of the rugged lunar highlands.

Bernard Harris, Jr., M.D., of Temple, first African-American to walk in space, veteran of two space flights, logged more than 438 hours in space, and was the payload commander on the first flight of the joint Russian-American Space Program.

Jack Kilby of Dallas, Nobel laureate in physics for 2000, whose work has laid the foundations of modern information technology through the invention of rapid transistors, laser diodes, and integrated circuits (chips).

Dr. Gerald Skoog of Lubbock, professor of science education at Texas Tech University, who has conducted innovative research into evolution education.

Also introduced were two organizational members of the Hall of Fame.

The ExxonMobil Foundation, Irving, represented by Arlene Lawson, supports science education initiatives in Texas. In 1998, the foundation awarded grants totaling over $19.9 million in science and math education.

The Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Teaching, Austin, represented by Kamil Jbeily, provides professional development support systems for Texas science teachers.


(by J. Davis)

Representative J. Davis moved to suspend all necessary rules to take up and consider at this time HR 59.

The motion prevailed without objection.

The following resolution was laid before the house:

HR 59, Honoring Dr. S. M. Elliott, D.C.

HR 59 was adopted without objection.


Representative Clark moved that the house adjourn until 10 a.m. tomorrow in memory of Corporal James Lamance of Whitewright, who was killed in the line of duty.

The motion prevailed without objection.

The house accordingly, at 10:37 a.m., adjourned until 10 a.m. tomorrow.