Help on Searching Journals

Basic Searching

  • * Enter the words you want to search on. Journals that contain the search terms will be returned with the search terms highlighted.
  • * To see the search terms highlighted, select the HTML version and click Go to first hit at the top of the page.
  • * To see the search terms in the PDF version, open the document and press and hold the Ctrl key and tap the F key. Enter your search term in the find field.
  • * If you separate your terms with a space, documents that contain at least of the terms are returned. For example, entering HB 60 returns documents with HB or 60. To return only HB 60, enclose the terms in quotes: "HB 60"
  • * Stemming is applied to the search results -- words based on your search query are displayed. For example, entering employment returns employment and employers.
  • * To prevent stemming, enclose your word or words between quotes.
  • * You can enter the following search operators. All operators must be in upper case or capital letters.

Operator Syntax Description
AND health AND care Journals with both words are returned.
OR business OR economic Journals with either business or economic are returned.
NEAR 36 NEAR people Journals with 36 or people within 5 words of each other are returned.
NEARN employment NEAR10 municipality Journals with employment within 10 words of municipality are returned. N can be any number.
BEFORE texas BEFORE university Journals with texas before university are returned.
AFTER district AFTER college Journals with district after college are returned.
NOT health NOT safety Journals with health but not safety are returned.
Exact phrase "pledge of allegiance" Journals with the exact phrase pledge of allegiance are returned.
Wildcard: asterisk (*) Educat* Journals with words that begin with educat are returned. E.g., educator, education, educate.
Wildcard: question mark (?) 5?5 Journals with 525, 535, 545, etc. are returned.